Nobel Prize in Physics 2014

“This year’s prize is about light”
 Staffan Normark.

This year’s nobel Prize jointly to:

 Ø  Professor Isamu Akasaki at Meijo University, Nagoya, and  Nagoya University, Japan.
 Ø  Professor Hiroshi Amano at Nagoya University, Japan.
 Ø  Professor Shuji Nakamura at University of California, Santa Barbara.

RED and Green LEDs have used for many years but Blue LED was not discovered. But a lamp has been made which has RED, GREEN and BLUE LED’s thus producing white light. Thanks to this lamp now we can get white light which energy efficient and has a long lifetime.

            This LED technology has replaced almost all the older technologies.  The new flash lights,  modern smartphones and laptop screens use this LED technology.
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