Some viral FAKE pictures on the Internet


The mock-ups are coming! The fakes are coming! Today we have 10 pictures you may have seen moving around the internet lately. But don't trust your lying eyes. They're all totally bogus.

1) Is this Europe and the US at dark from space?

No, these aren't photographs of Earth's illuminations from space. As Pic Doctrinaire points out, they're actually imaginings of Flickr and Twitter geolocations. But even this declaration is hard to approve. The red dots are evidently locations of Flickr pictures. The blue dots? Twitters.

There's an whole Flickr album with more pictures, though again it's hard to be sure exactly how the maps were shaped since there's no clarification. The only thing we can say for certain: These aren't images of Earth's lights from space.

2) Is this Marilyn Monroe reading a manuscript in Spanish?

Marilyn Monroe was a rapacious reader. She had an inspiring personal library and there are lot of pictures of her reading. But the photo of her on the left is a Photoshop job. She wasn't reading Confesiones Silenciosas (interpreted: Silent Confessions).

The real photo on the right displays her reading Arthur Miller's version of the Ibsen play, An Foe of the People. Monroe was wedded to Miller from 1956 until 1961.

3) Is this NASA declaring that we'll have 6 days of whole dark in December?

"Comedy" sites like Huzlers have run with the story that there will be six successive days of night in December due to a "solar blizzard" that will cause "dust and space debris" to block out the sun. But don't trust it.

The coming days of night will evidently last from the 16th until the 22nd of December and the Huzlers story even has fake speech marks from NASA bureaucrats. Other sites have call for there will be three days of complete night. Neither of these entitlements is true (unless you live in Minnesota, where you really won't see the sun until April*). But the lie is scattering quickly on both Twitter and Facebook.

The freak "days of night" forecast is a common internet joke and differences spread so far and wide that NASA has even had to expose these claims occasionally, like they did in 2012.




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