“Luna Ring" can produce 13,000 terawatt of Energy everyday

A Japanese company suggested an interesting concept on how to fulfill the energy needs of humankind by constructing a solar power station on “The Moon”.

One of the eldest and chief architectural and construction companies in Japan, the Shimizu, offered its idea for solving the energy glitches of the world. The project proposes setting up a huge belt of solar panels on the Moon, which would convert our Moon into a huge power plant. Solar energy panels would cover an area of 400 km, and would send the produced energy to the Earth by the help of laser beams or microwaves. The energy waves would be received by earth base stations, making it a nonstop power source, as there is no bad weather or night on the moon.

The concept of the Japanese company is to construct a band of concrete enclosed with solar panels beside the equator of the Moon, which is 11,000 km/6,800 miles lengthy, in width of 400 km/250 miles. That is why the mission was named “Luna Ring". According to the originators of the idea, the ring can yield 13.000 terawatts of energy every day, an amount three times larger than that produced by the US yearly.

At the same time, the company expects to use maximum of lunar assets. Concrete along with some other supplies, such as ceramics and glass, can be prepared from moon soil. In fact oxygen and water can be formed using the materials obtainable on the moon.

Company executives proclaim that the assembly of the solar power station on the Moon could begin as early as 2035 and would be handled completely by robots. However, it is still uncertain how much money and assets such construction would need and what the operational costs would be, as no one has ever made an effort to build a structure of this scale and from such a remoteness.

Shimizu is pretty hopeful about its futuristic project, saying that “virtually inexhaustible, non-polluting solar energy is the ultimate source of green energy that brings prosperity to nature as well as our lives. Shimizu Corporation proposes the Luna Ring for the infinite coexistence of mankind and the Earth.”

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  1. The idea falls apart almost immediately. They claim that there is "no night on the Moon". But there is - a mighty lengthy one at that. A "new Moon" is just nighttime on the Moon - the "dark side", the side we never see, experiences daytime when the only side we ever see is dark. The Moon's day and year are the same length - 28 days. It spins on its axis and orbits the earth at the same rate, showing only one side. So there is a nighttime on the moon - it lasts 14 days! This is the kind of thing I learned in Grammar School during the late 60s during the Apollo Missions. Very basic stuff.

  2. there is no night on the side of the moon that faces us. except for an eclipse, it's always day on that side.