So long does does we stay under coffee Buzz?

Drinking a cup of coffee will wake you up and keep you thrilled, and it does it by trapping the brain.

In this video by AsapScience, we learn precisely how a cup of joe manipulates the brain, and it's in fact a lot more fascinating than one might think. A substance called adenosine is frequently received by the brain when the body is awake, leading to sleepiness. Coffee, as it turns out, has an particularly similar construction to adenosine, and consequently fills in and blocks the adenosine receptors in the brain, basically blocking off the natural signals of exhaustion. 

That's right, caffeine is a cheat, and the brain is its victim. So how long does the cleverest

part of our body fall for the fake personality of this adenosine stand-in? With a half-life of six hours, the reviving effects of coffee are at 50% of what they started at six hours prior. In other words, don't swallow down a enormous mug of java if you're expecting to get some sleep in the nearby future.

Coffee Buzz


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