You'll never seen your night sky like this!


In 1994 a power cut caused all of Los Angeles to fall into dark, provoking many inhabitants to call the local authorities to report weird lights in the sky. Instead of alien space ships, the “strange lights” was the regular-old night sky. Without the horribly bright lights in the way, the sky looked totally different, simply because it was at last visible. If you live out in the country, or anywhere street lights aren’t present, you get to see the real beauty of the night sky all of the time. Populous cities mostly come with a condition to keep the lights on at all times, consequently the night sky gets lost.

Star gazing is kept for desert trips and distantly remote locations without the load of bright lights that never go out. This truth of life got professional photographer Thierry Cohen thinking–could you visualise how vivid the most popular cities round the world would appear if the stars did show themselves?

And so Thierry comprised a new project idea, all in hopes of getting the beauty of the natural night sky to a metropolitan city near you. These remarkable photographs highlight how unbelievable cities would look if we just for some turn all of the lights off.

The Brooklyn Bridge, NY
Hong Kong 
Hong Kong

Los Angeles 

The Empire State Building, NY

San Francisco Golden Gate bridge

Sao Paulo

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Milky Way


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