Vote for the Most Stunning Image by Hubble

NASA desires to know which amongst the most popular Hubble photos the internet likes the most, so has set them against each other. To celebrate the telescope's 25th birthday in April, the agency has launched Hubble Mania, which is a space picture smackdown of sorts, where the winner's selected by your votes. The space telescope is recognised for capturing some mighty spectacular images of the cosmos, so it won't be easy choosing: the 32 contenders contain long-time favourites, such as the Pillars of Creation, the sombrero galaxy, crab and apple nebulae, as well as the Rose of Galaxies. Voting for the first round has already started, with two more rounds to follow, until the grand winner is declared on April 6th. NASA promises new downloadable products including the last photo standing, which could contain HD wallpapers, among other things.


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