20 Mind Boggling Facts About Our Universe

Universe is full of surprises. Each numerous new mysteries are discovered and many are solved. In this entirety of our Universe there are things which have completely stunned us. We are even forced to rethink our existence. Billions of light years across, This Universe hasn't yet revealed even 1% of its wonders to us but still we are completely dazzled by what we know.

Here are some of the very interesting & fascinating facts about our Universe.

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1. The planet Gliese-436b found in 2004 is covered completely in burning ice, the planet has extremely strong gravity which super compresses the ice letting it to endure 800 degree (Fahrenheit) temperature on its surface.

2. Atoms are the building blocks of all matter in the cosmos but what’s fascinating is it consists of a small nucleus encircled by about 99.9% empty space, theoretically if you are capable of removing all that empty space you could fit the complete human race in approximately the size of a sugar cube.

3. Around 1% of the static that you witness on your TV is made up of cosmic microwave radiation which is left over from the Big Bang that occurred 13.7 billion years ago.

4. In 2011 there was a 9.0 degree earthquake that occurred in Japan that was so strong that in fact shifted the Earth's axis and shorten days on Earth by 1.8 microseconds.

5. Every 100 years the Earth’s revolution naturally slows by around 70 milliseconds that means if you were living back when dinosaurs lived on the Earth, days were only approximately 22 hours long.

6. There’s a mountain on Mars called Olympus Mons that’s 27 kilometres High that’s three times the height of Mount Everest on Earth, It is the highest mountain in our solar system and it’s so large that it in fact sticks out of Mars atmosphere.

7. If you've ever questioned just how big the universe actually is, here’s an image captured in 90’s by Voyager 1 called “The Pale Blue Dot”, see that tiny pale blue spec well that’s earth from six billion kilometres away, if you didn't feel insignificant before now’s a good time.

8. “Aerogel” aka “Frozen Smoke” is the lowest density solid that we know of, it’s made up about 99.98%  air, it can support eight thousand times its own weight in to endure a blast from two pounds of dynamite, it’s also the finest insulator present which is why NASA use it to insulate spacesuits.

9. Our solar system takes 250 million years to circle around the Milky Way that means that the last time that Earth was in its current position; dinosaurs were just starting to wander the Earth.

10. Stars are formed when cosmic gases connects billions of times of mass and gravity get so strong that fusion happens and the discharge of energy forms the star, according to our best approximations 275 million stars are created every day.

11. Planets are made from the remains of starbursts, all of the remnant that’s left will either make an asteroid, a comet, a moon and if there’s plenty, a planet.

12. Sagittarius B is a huge space cloud that’s twenty-six thousand light-years away from Earth that is completely made up of of alcohol, it has over a billion billion billion litres of alcohol which is sufficient for approximately four hundred trillion pints of beer.

13. Astronomers believe that the centre of our universe smells like rum and taste like strawberries, this is due to the finding of ethyl formate in the Milky Way which is the chemical accountable for giving strawberries its flavour & rum it’s odour.

14. Everything on Earth as well as Earth itself is made of Stardust, each single natural present element with the exclusion of hydrogen and helium is formed within stars, this means, as an example, that the iron in your blood is in fact billions of years old from a star trillions of miles away.

15. 55 Cancri e is aka the diamond planet, found 40 light-years away from Earth it’s so rich in carbon that it’s supposed to hold three times our planet’s mass in diamonds, it’s also thought to have a solid diamond core with the mass of ten billion trillion trillion carats.

16. Black holes are among the most charming things in our universe generally as our incapability to precisely study them, however we don’t know too much about them, what we do know is that they form when stars deceases and breakdowns on itself, the gravitational pull that’s generated by this is so strong that nothing can escape from it not even light.

17. Its assumed that 85% of the cosmos is made up of dark matter, dark matter is matter that cannot be openly observed with a telescopes and the only reason that we know it is present is because of its gravitational pull on observable matter.

18. The planet Venus’ day is lengthier than it year is, this is because its finishes a complete revolution about the Sun before it even rotates once on its axis.

19. Light striking Earth right now is over 13000 years old, that’s because it takes that long for the energy in the sunlight to discharge from the Suns core and arrive its surface and when it does at last reaches the sun’s surface it only takes around eight minutes to reach Earth.

20. To conclude, in space there’s something in fact cool called cold welding, if two pieces of metal touch in space they rapidly weld together this is due to the vacuum that occurs in space, it doesn't occurs on earth as our atmosphere places a layer of oxidized material among the two surfaces.

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