The Fourth Dimension Incredibly Explained By A High School Student

The concept of the fourth dimension is quite a hard subject to wrap your head around. We only observe our world in three directional dimensions, but theoretical physicists consider that extra dimensions could occur beyond our perceptive reach and one of those is the fourth dimension. Although it is a quite a hard subject and tough to wrap your head around, this incredible High-School student does a wonderful job of explaining the fourth dimension.

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4TH Dimension


Multidimensional Universe

String Theory

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  1. 4th Dimension - Outside the Matrix :)

  2. All real basis spaces: physical status bars differing from each other are at his disposal!
    H→(x,y,z,h,v) space coordinates are at his disposal. Let this be our space.
    Strange space with many different status bars fits into the space coordinate in the same one! Because of this from here invisible the strange space!
    The coordinate of a strange space like this:
    Visible:the coordinates of the strange space h(2) there is a stranger on a space wavelength!
    These strange spaces: from ours different: v(2) they move with space velocity!
    So if the ufo jumps over into strange space H(2), then with its space velocity: v(2) travels!
    If jumps the ufo into our space H,v, arrives back somewhere entirely then:
    H→H(2)→H→ (x+t(v(x(3)),y+t(v(y(3)),z+t(v(z(3)),h,v)
    Because of the different space velocities v≠v(2) : the travel comes into existence !
    Let the formula of the real space-time physics explain these levitation yen only.
    F=Gravity [kp]
    dt=f(v)=f( velocity ) = space-time [s]
    h=f( heat exchange ) =f(Q) = space wavelength [m]
    /by karika/
    When the man sleeps h wavelength in basis space,a real information arises in the brain then,there in our thoughts, h(2)=h-dh on a space wavelength!
    He changes because of the wavelength of our space, its continuous deceleration!
    When our space is his wavelength: (h→h(2)) attains it because of the change the h(2) his space wavelength,the information arrives then, our world today's h(2) his wavelength!
    The space wavelength of our space changes continuously!
    The wavelength of all unknown space changes continuously!
    The condition of the visibility:
    from all invisible spaces: we may see those parts only,that sometime the we today's h our space wavelength: ±dh they were!
    So h=f( heat exchange above the object, concerned under it ) = f(Q)
    ,because of this consider an optical telescope,or a radio telescope!
    The wavelength of the space transformable,
    h(1) other objects show on a space wavelength,than h on a space wavelength!
    Because of this under the telescopes, concerned a big heat exchanger is needed to create a process!
    One with enough greatness which can be created so ±dh,because of that that let the humanity be allowed to admire invisible space details!
    The time and the space: the basis of the space-time physics!
    Different time systems exist ±T, spaces with a different wavelength exist in each other!
    The Earth a planet brings void spaces with a different wavelength (h(3),h(4),...) in which none living being!
    In these spaces: entails velocity being different ± it time!
    if m(2)=m=1[kg]
    then m[kg] substance mass:
    m= f(dt) =f( space-time [s])
    m= f(F) =f( space strength [kp])
    m= f(h) =f( space wavelength [m])