This 1st Grade Math Problem Is Stumping Most Adults. Can You Solve It?

A bizarrely difficult math problem was released on the internet recently, that shows a grid of numbers stumping, even, the parents of the student who brought it homeIt was a first grade math problem and was uploaded by The Holderness Family to their Facebook page.

The problem was a grid with a code of letters and asked the kids to figure out the missing letter. Here's an image of the conundrum.

Parents and kids have been struggling to figure out what the hell is going on (and why this was in a 1st grader's homework assignment). Some have suggested the answer could be the letter J, which represents the number 14. This causes the grid to add up to 40 when each diagonal line of numbers are added together.
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  1. there are actually two correct answers. But if you don't know what you are solving for, then it depends on which of the two.