Round Object Crosses the Moon

As observers around the planet were capturing images of penumbral eclipse, one photographer saw something unusual: a round object crossing in front of the moon. Luis G. Verdiales from Loiza, Puerto Rico said:

I was using a 125mm telescope to capture the penumbral lunar eclipse when the black disk appeared. It was moving too slowly to be a satellite, so slowly that I was able to capture it with my camera four times. It got my attention because it was round!

Whole-moon image of taken during the February 10, 2017 penumbral lunar eclipse 
by Luis G. Verdiales.

Verdiales contacted the Caribbean Island’s largest astronomy organization – Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe – to find out what it was. This group then found the answer:

After analysing magnified images, we suspected it might be a stratosphere balloon from Google Loon, a project that is testing internet coverage from the stratosphere. We verified and found a balloon at 64,400 ft identified as HBAL176. Further analysis showed the balloon was right between the observer and the moon.

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