Watch Two Men in Jetpacks Fly Alongside a Jumbo Jet Over Dubai


Jetpacks may not be an everyday commuting tool, but they do exist — and they're capable of some impressive aerial acrobatics. In this particular stunt, a promotion for Dubai's Emirates Airline, Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet (the duo is known as "Jetman") share the skies with an Emirates A380, flying just a few feet away from the jetliner's wings.

This would, of course, be inadvisable (and highly illegal) unless carefully planned, and fortunately this routine was coordinated and rehearsed exhaustively before being put on film. In the video posted Wednesday, the two men catch up with the plane in their jetpacks (technically, "jet-propelled wings") at 5,500 feet up, flying in formation for a few minutes before breaking away. 

The plane could have left them in the dust easily — its top speed is three times that of the jetpacks — but what fun would that have been?




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