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24 Hilarious Memes of Flat Earth Which Makes You Laugh

The today’s Generation growing rapidly in each and every field, either its Science and Technology or other. Yes we have unlocked some of the secrets of the Universe including Real Shape of our Home planet ‘Earth’ and you know what it is. According to study of YouGovUS just 66% of millennial’s firmly believe that the Earth is round. Honestly, our ancient selves did not think that the shape of earth is still debatable.

Some have even go far as to create an official organisation called ‘Flat Earth Society’, which opposes and blame NASA for our wrongful belief that the planet earth, is indeed round.

The internet is unmatched when it comes to public discussions of the wackier ideas, and what better way is there to express these beliefs than flat earth  pictures? ZeroSpace created collection of your favorite memes related to flat earth.

So here are 24 Hilarious memes related to Flat Earth which makes you laugh…

#1 Flat means Unique 

#2 Who knows?

#3 Eclipse Night

#4 Pants for Flat

#5 I want to Sleep

#6 Very Big Proof…!

#7 No Round, No Flat, It’s Hemisphere

#8 Rest in Peace

#9 Epic comment award goes to
 Image result for flat earth society has members around the globe

#10 When you realize

#11 Hoths- Theory of earth

#12 Game Over

#13 3000 is bigger than 20

#14 Flat wi-fi

#15 Every Flat earthers Dream

#16 Spongbob Flatpants

#17 I don’t have curves on my feet

#18 Something flat between Sun and Moon

#19 Flat Earth means No Brain

#20 Lid

#21 Waste of money

#22 Oh NO!

#23 Flat CAT

#24 Don’t Judge a picture by zooming in

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