This Is How The Genius Elon Musk Will Give Free WiFi To The Entire Planet

The same guy, who invented PayPal, created the Tesla Cars, plans to create “SolarCities” and developed cars that will make money for you when you don’t use them, has ANOTHER brilliant idea. 

Elon Musk plans to launch 4,000 low-orbit satellites in order to give free internet access worldwide. The billionaire’s company, SpaceX, revealed the initial framework of the plan in January, with the official request being submitted to the Federal Communications Commission last week.

If the plan is initiated without any problems, the worldwide free satellite internet system can be operational within five years, according to The Independent. The worldwide satellite internet model has been proposed by a number of companies already, including tech giants Google and Samsung. However, what makes Musk’s “SpaceX” a formidable contender for the project is the fact that the company already has the existing hardware to pull off the project.

In order for the entire world to be fully covered 4,000 low-orbit satellites would need to be launched. Elon Musk is all about inventing revolutionary projects that have potential to change the world. If this project succeeds, the whole world, even the the most remote parts will have a fast, free WiFi access at any time!

Source: [HNGN]


  1. What else built in these satellites ? A weapon of mass destruction ? High sound waves in few or many satellites to rid world of certain populations ?
    There seems more to it than just a great plan to benefit all mankind. Hmm just a thought.

  2. Tesla wanted to do it... why not Musk? I believe we should be rocking Tesla Coils around the Globe yo use the world as a ground and the sun as the positive. Relative motion between them and Tesla coils to amp the voltage and we have free WiFi, cable, phones, unlimited energy. Just like the Egyptians and the pyramids of gyza. Which the mule river was used to get a electron flown and they used the ionsphere as the positive. Food for thought... oops I just dropped my foil hat gotta go. ��

  3. One word brings this idea to a stand still. "Maintenance"

  4. What maintenance? Communication satellites last an average of ten years, and are simply replaced.


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