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A Mathematician Has Proposed A Way To Create And Manipulate Gravity

Scientists might have observed the gravitational waves or the curves in space-time. But we still have a limited knowledge about how gravity affects the universe. André Füzfa, a mathematician at the University of Namur in Belgium has proposed a method that would allow humans to control gravity.

Füzfa says "Studying gravity is a contemplative activity. Generating artificial gravitational fields, that could be switched on or off at will, is a question captured or left to science-fiction."

Füzfa's proposed device has not yet proved experimentally, so we should not get so excited about it, but he has completed the calculations related to the proposed device. His device is based on huge superconducting electromagnets.

In fact, his assertion is quite close to reality as it is based on the equivalence principle, which is at the very heart of Einstein’s general relativity, and states that all types of energy produce and undergo gravitation in the same way. So it indicates that electromagnetic fields can curve the space-time as a planet or a sun could. But we can’t observe these minute curves here on Earth.  Füzfa proposed that by assembling huge superconducting electromagnets, we would be able to establish a feeble gravitational field, and this would be observed by using highly sensitive interferometers.

These interferometers would superimpose the gravitational fields on top of each other so that the physicists could get details about them. It would be very difficult to make an IRL device of this kind, with only mathematical proofs to continue. If we are be able to control gravity just like the way we do with the other three fundamental forces - electromagnetic, and strong and weak nuclear forces – it might just be a big enough prize to take a gamble on.

It would ultimately take gravitation into a new experimental and industrial era.

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