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LVI % Of Americans Don't Agree With Arabic Numerals Being Taught In Schools

A survey conducted by poll company Civic Science has found that 56% of Americans would like Arabic numerals banned in schools. John Dick, the CEO of Civic Science posted a screenshot of the survey question. In the survey, 3,624 people were asked: "Should schools in America teach Arabic Numerals as part of their curriculum?" to which 2,020 people (56%) said "no", and just 29% actually said "yes".

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Just as respondents to the Arabic numerals question were likely unsure of what Arabic numerals referred to, the respondents to this question likely thought that Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre’s creation theory referred to creationism. In truth, however, Lemaitre’s theory of creation was an explanation for the expansion of the universe, now better known as the big bang theory.

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