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Trump Deals Final Death Blow to the Planet

Well, we had a good run.

And what, you might wonder, is this “final death blow” that’s going to send us all to our collective demise? Is it the unleashing of every nuclear weapon known to man? Is Trump using a magnet to reel in a giant asteroid?


How about those aliens he pretends not to believe in? That’s right, Trump is probably making the kind of deal with them that everyone thinks he was making with Putin. It’s going to be X-Files mythology type stuff. How exactly is Donald Trump – a man most famous for building hotels and casinos – going to destroy the planet Earth?

Er, well . . . he’s going to do it by . . . um, allowing an industry that has existed for centuries not to go out of business.

In the 476 months that he’s been in office, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he would like the earth to die in a fire—literally. In that time he has abandoned the Paris climate agreement; unveiled a proposal to freeze rules on planet-warming pollution from cars and trucks; claimed wind turbines aren’t a viable source of energy because the sound they make “causes cancer”; and hired a guy who believes carbon dioxide has been demonized like “Jews under Hitler” to discredit the findings of 13 federal agencies that increased levels of CO2 pose a national emergency. But it was only today that his pièce de résistance, when it comes to letting climate change really rip, was officially put into place.

I wasn’t aware that Trump had been in office 476 months, which is 39 years, but time flies when you’re having fun and draining the swamp. The so-called pièce de résistance is nothing more than the reversal of an Obama environmental rule that will now make it possible for coal facilities to work on reducing their carbon emissions while continuing to operate. Under Obama’s rules, older coal plants who couldn’t immediately meet the emission reduction requirements would have been forced to close.Bottom of Form So in other words, it’s more or less the status quo with respect to the coal industry. Somehow that equates to the earth dying in a fire. “Literally.”

Now I’d like to pose a serious question to the global-warmist, environmentalist left: Do you really believe your rhetoric? And the reason I ask is simply that people who are serious don’t say thing like “he would like the earth to die in a fire – literally.” That makes you sound like a bleaming lunatic, and a total idiot. It makes people laugh at you and certainly not take you seriously. It makes you sound like you have no faith at all in what you claim to believe and you think you need to pepper it up with hysterics to get people to listen to you.

That’s the only way you can get to a final death blow to the Earth via existing coal plants staying in business, which is all we’re talking about here. Global warming remains what I’ve always told you it is: An excuse for left-wingers to expand the size and scope of government and exercise tight controls over industry. They can’t get political support for that idea on its own merits, so they have to convince people it’s some sort of life-or-death emergency if the government isn’t given control over the entire industrial sector yesterday.

Want to test it? Tell a global warmist you completely believe in global warming and are willing to discuss any solution as long is it comes from the private sector. See how interested they are in that conversation, which will be not at all. This is all about the expansion of government, and it’s not working so now they’re ratcheting up the rhetoric so that we’re literally dying in a fire, with Donald Trump using coal to light the fuse.

But the most absurd thing is that everyone would have written this off as comical nonsense decades ago if not for the fact that the mainstream media treats it like a serious idea, which tells you all you need to know about them.

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