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An Israeli Spacecraft Dropped Living Beings on the Moon and They Can Live There for Years

You know, tardigrades, the cuddly, indestructible, microscopic chonksters otherwise known as water bears. Well, they’re all over the Moon now. In April, an Israel Aerospace Industries lunar lander would have been the first private spacecraft to land on the Moon, but it crashed while preparing to land, after mission control lost contact, spewing its payload across the lunar surface.


Part of this payload was a lunar library put together by the Arch Mission Foundation nonprofit. The library was about DVD size and contained 30 million pages of information about humanity and our planet, engraved, at nano scale, on sheets of nickel. They also included human DNA samples and a liberal sprinkling of dehydrated tardigrades; Earth’s most impressive creature that can also survive in space.

Dehydrated tardigrades enter a dormant state and can be successfully revived many years later. Nova Spivack, founder of the Arch Mission Foundation, would like to assure you that the water bears cannot take over the Moon in their current state; they would need to be brought to somewhere that has an atmosphere.

Lame, I was ready to welcome our moon bear overlords. In case you were wondering, it’s “okay” to cover the Moon in DNA and indestructible beasties, because it is a lifeless chunk of rock. Also, it’s already covered in astronaut poop, thanks to the Apollo landing.

Via Wired.

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